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50 - 1 contention


50 - 1 contention

I am a free-online user of many years, thinking of adsl I was wondering what difference this 50 to 1 contention means as regards speed owing to the amount of other (49) possible users.

RE: 50 - 1 contention

Hi Phil,

Theoretically this means that if 49 other people were downloading at exactly the same time as you, your maximum possible download speed would be reduced by a factor of 50.

In reality Contention has little or no effect for most people and even on heavily contended exchanges customers generally get good download speeds. In effect BT exchanges have more capacity than they need and our understanding is that this will remain the case for the foreseeable future.

Contention on ADSL means that the ISP cannot guarantee a minimum download speed, however it is accepted by all providers that users expect to get a reasonable speed for the majority of the time and it is in everyones interests for us to ensure that a good quality of service is maintained.


Ian Wild
F9 Customer Support