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4 port modem/router and wireless router connection???


4 port modem/router and wireless router connection???

Hi, Force9 are shipping me a new 4 port modem/router today. I already have a wireless router from Linksys and so what I want to do is connect the modem to the wirless router and run all the machines off wireless.

My question, in my ignorance of these things, is what is the best way to do it before I balls it up?

Should I:

1. Setup modem and connection on a pc first
2. Then plug wireless router into modem and try see the wireless router that way?

Or do I set up wireless first, plug the modem into the wireless router and then try and setup the net connection through the wirless?



4 port modem/router and wireless router connection???

i'd do wired modem setup first, then wireless, but that is just me.


Wireless Setup

Me too. Setup the wired connection first then plug in your wireless router and disconnect the cat5 cable from your pc. One thing to bear in mind is IP addressing and which device you intend to use(if any, if using static IP addressing for your internal network!!) as your DHCP server.

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