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3GB Capped BBplus?!?


3GB Capped BBplus?!?


I looked on the new portal and I clicked on the "View My Usage".
When I looked at it, it said I have downloaded 2.02GB.

Then I noticed, the usage bar only goes upto 3GB? Does this change or is it capped to 3GB?!

I got this service becasue it was "unlimited", I hope it isnt capped!

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3GB Capped BBplus?!?

Hi there,
Don't worry there is no cap on BB+, the bar changes with every Gb you use, when you hit 3Gb the bar will have 4Gb as its next ending.

It is done this way so you can see how near you are to the next Gb.

This can be confusing and worrying if you wern't expecting it, but it makes for an easier to read bar.
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3GB Capped BBplus?!?

Okay then, thanks!

Hopefully people (like me) will read this thread and get their minds put at rest.. Tongue

Thanks again,

EDIT: It would be handy if it said this on this on the page.
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3GB Capped BBplus?!?

It does say it on the page
"The figure displayed at the higher end of the scale is an indication of how much data transfer you have used. If you use more data transfer this figure will automatically increase."

Re: 3GB Capped BBplus?!?


I got this service becasue it was "unlimited", I hope it isnt capped!


Read the new policy strategy of F9, they don't call it capping but it kinda of is, in strange way. You have a peak download limit and an off peak download limit before force 9 take steps to reduce your downloading.

i've spent years with force9, and what ive read on other forums it seems force9 are cutting corners to save money, how true this is i don't know but i am on the look out to move as i can see me hitting peak levels yet again. The only thing stoppping me is a great service, webspace amount, newsgroups and the community.

F9 have a a lot of more going for them than negatives, but heavy downloading beware!!!!