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3 Days till Zen


3 Days till Zen

Im really looking forward to It

Just like to say bye to everyone on the forums, who have kept me entertained in a vain attempt to understand what is happening, why torrents are so slow, why there cgi was deleted and so forth.

To all the Mods who try to keep this a civilised place, keep up the good work, although sometimes cut people a little more slack

To the overworked Comms team, you are lumbered with a thankless job, if i were you id ask for a payrise, plusnets pay scheme sucks

To the people i worked with for 2 months you were great, not one clown or arrogant person, again its a daily battle working there and quite frankly you dont get paid enough while top brass skim the creme

Special mentions go to steve and chris, part of the first (and probably last) newbie day support team, we had a laugh keep in touch!

To anyone i helped on the phones, there were many, and on these forums, i hope i was able to make your IT experience a little better!

Finally to Vindi, dave mate, sorry, 50p a month is now coming off your referrals lol

Now i head to the sunset of highly paid IT contracting, My new band, faster download speeds and generally good times

All the best