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2-8 MBit Connections


2-8 MBit Connections

After some recent line problems, i was talking to the BT enginner and he said my line was easily capable of a 8MBit connection.

Is there any higher residental speeds in the pipeline or is F9 staying at 2MBit for the time being?

Also, will F9 be releasing a SDSL product (or do you already).


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2-8 MBit Connections

Hi Ash,

At the moment there are no plans for anything faster than 2Mbps, in part we are restricted by the products offered by BT Wholesale and they don't have anything above 2Mbps yet, but it wouldn't surprise me to see 3 or 4Mbps next year with Telewest and others offering faster services.

We do now offer SDSL, have done since yesterday, you can see the details at