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1mb Activated this morning


1mb Activated this morning

Hi, my 1mb has been activated this morning and here is my speed test.

Your current speed is:


Which means you can download at 119.96 KB/sec. from our servers

is that normal for 1mb ?

My settings on the router from what I can see are

MRU: 1492
MTU: 1492
MSS: 1432

Is everything normal ?


1mb Activated this morning

That is very good for a 1MB connection, I get 951kbps downstream at the most on my 1MB connection. Always make sure that your router and computer have the same MTU as if they are different sometimes problems can occur.

matt Wink

1mb Activated this morning

Yes as Matt said that's pretty good for a 1MB connection. You can tweak your connection but I'm not sure that it will improve it that much more.

My 1Mb connection normally has a speed of between 992 - 994 Cheesy , but then I've tweaked mine Wink

If the MTU's don't match you'll get packet fragmentation, as previously mentioned.


connection speeds

I have a 1mb connection. According to the connection is at 930kbps but according to the Force9 test it is only 455kbps. Why the difference?

1mb Activated this morning

the speed test can change depending on what you are doing

mine drops when updates are being downloaded, or my wife is streaming video, audio or downloading.


i recently reinstalled windows 2k pro,and coincidently i was upgraded from 512kb to 1mb connection as i did so,and now i get disconnected so often its not funny...could these disconnects be due to mtu settings that were fine before i re installed windows but now need changing from default to whatever i had them on before reinstalled/upgraded connection?(or would that only affect speed/packet loss and not actualy disconnect me?) :roll: