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What is Business Fibre & Do i need it?

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What is Business Fibre & Do i need it?

I am starting up my own Graphic design company and have come across the term "Business Fibre" . I can't help but wonder, does a "start up" need business fibre or is this meant for bigger more established companies?  I can't seem to find the answer to that one question.  Will Business Fibre be to much for a start up side business?

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Re: What is Business Fibre & Do i need it?

Buried somewhere in the residential service terms and conditions you will find that it should only be used for occasional activities associated with work. You need to check but you might get higher priority attention if things go wrong as a business customer.

The cost is not punitive, see

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Re: What is Business Fibre & Do i need it?

Hi @HappyClient


Thanks for getting in touch.


If you will be using the service for your business then you would need a Business account. Even as a start up you will find that your activities will not meet the residential service terms and conditions. In order to satisfy the acceptable usage policy for residential accounts you would need to "use the services for personal use in the UK (so don't use the services to run your own business, but a couple of work emails or occasional home working are okay"


Also with a business account you will benefit from other features such as the 24 hour support line, priority engineer visits for faults and repairs and much more.


If you have any further questions I recommend giving our Business department a call on 0800 023 2221


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Re: What is Business Fibre & Do i need it?

Also note that residential accounts do. Or receive VAT invoices.

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