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VDSL Speeds

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VDSL Speeds


A little background information before a ramble on for a while. 

I was with Sky Broadband, receiving between 72/78Mbps down and a constant 20 upload. Their price, along with functionality was lacking (I am an IT Engineer, so run kit at home. Static IP's is a must now). I suffered a speed decrease (my download suffered a speed decrease to 45Mbps and upload remained the same). Sky were not interested in this. I was out of contract, so moved to PlusNet. I then remained on PlusNet (under a different account) for a year (with the same speed issues - I didn't really pursue this, annoyingly). 

PlusNet were then doing a really good deal on Business Connections, which allowed me to have multiple static IP's, so I then moved across to the business connection and my speed then plummeted down to 42Mbps. I have logged a call with PlusNet, which resulted in my line profile being banded incorrectly (assume DLM). This resulted in a BT engineer visit my speed increased from 42Mbps to 55.3Mbps (with 16.2Mbps upload)


Looking at the BT Broadband Availability Checker -

Range A (Clean) lowest speeds is 56.6Mbps download & 18.3Mbps upload  (highest is 79.6Mbps & 20Mbps upload)

Range B (Impacted) lowest speeds is 52.9Mbps download & 16.6Mbps upload (highest is 77.4Mbps & 20Mbps upload)


Where do I stand with this? I used to get around 70Mbps download, dead on 20Mbps upload and it appears that it's no longer anywhere near achievable.  I seem to be stuck on the "VDSL Range B - Impacted" speeds (just sitting on the lowest!)

The way I look at this is I used to sit on the "VDSL Range A Clean" and get the top end of this. Now I have moved to the VDSL Range B Impacted" and am just scrapping the lowest.

Also, on the BT Broadband Availability checker, it appears FTTP On Demand is available. 330Mbps download and 30Mbps upload. Do PlusNet offer this?






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Re: VDSL Speeds

Hi Daimian, thanks for reaching out.

I'm sorry to see you're experiencing speed problems. 

Our tests are showing your router in sync at 55.8mbps and as we always go by the VDSL Range A when looking at speed estimates and deciding whether a speed is within expectations, if you've tried the usual troubleshooting steps Here I'd recommend reporting a new fault Here so we can arrange another engineer to investigate this further. 

With regards to FTTP I'm afraid we closed our FTTP trial for residential customers in July 2018 and as far as I'm aware it wasn't open to business customers, although having said that FTTP On Demand isn't something we've ever offered due to the extremely high installation costs. If you're interested in knowing more I'd have a read Here.

Once you've reported the fault feel free to nudge us here and we'll get it picked up and progressed with our suppliers.

Hope this helps.

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Re: VDSL Speeds

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Re: VDSL Speeds


As you had an engineer visit, I guess you had the latest master socket (at least after the visit) and there are no changes to your house wiring between your better performance and current service.

With the speeds you previously achieved you must be close to the cabinet.

If you really want this fixed and are prepared to pay, you could get a second line (perhaps from another ISP) and see if that performs better. If it does, port your phone number to the other line and cease the first one or downgrade to ADSL.

Something of the nuclear option but it is the way to test a second copper pair.


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