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Topcashback offer?

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Registered: ‎20-10-2013

Topcashback offer?

TopCashback have an offer showing for 9 months FTTC for £12.99/mo under plusnet business but if you try and take them up on the offer It actually sends you to an order for Plusnet Residential broadband.
I assume someones's made a bit of a whoops and put it under the wrong section on TCB, not sure if it's something the Plusnet team might want to raise this with TCB
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Re: Topcashback offer?

Hi there,
Thanks for flagging.
The "£12.99 for 9 Months Unlimited FIbre Anytime" and the "£2.99 Unlimited For Twelve Months" offer directly below are indeed residential offers and should not be promoted on the Plusnet Business section of TopCashBack. We'll raise this with TCB to have them removed from the listing.
The cashback amounts listed about for Business Broadband and Phone and Business Broadband only are correct and applicable for any of the Plusnet Business broadband or fibre products [with or without phone].