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Teleworker Pro vs Business Options 1-3

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Teleworker Pro vs Business Options 1-3

I am provisioned on legacy Teleworker Pro (with 832Kb uploads) which over many years has given me an acceptable balance between day and evening performance for home-worker business use. Its only snag has been the amazingly niggardly 100MB website limit (and related 100MB website traffic limit per diem).
I shortly need to double my website space usage. With the adverse views expressed on this forum about Business Options 1-3 being unacceptably throttled for evening use (my workday does not stop at 17:00: the time at which downloads from external CDN networks such as Akamai  are throttled till they croak), I am now considering whether to move the websites elsewhere or move my whole service  - perhaps to AAISP
My issue is that Teleworker Pro is older than most legacy products, and its allowable download speeds for the various categories vs time of day of traffic don’t seem to be published any more. So I cannot easily compare it with Business Options 2-3
Does anyone in PN Towers or elsewhere have the figures for Teleworker Pro such that I can compare it with Business Options 2 - 3 pls?
(My modest usage is predominantly FTP uploads to PN, FTP downloads from external sites and VPN, and my total traffic is only a few GB per month, but I don’t want other classes of usage to be totally kyboshed)   
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Re: Teleworker Pro vs Business Options 1-3

Unfortunately, we don't have the information to publish as requested.
The Teleworker packages (including the limited edition Pro from when 2Mb first launched to the home masses) as so old, that we didn't define this material. It had been hoped that we would launch a Business refresh sooner than we did, thus why some what could be termed very old residential packages do have this info in comparison.
In regards to the throttling, normally we could have offered a trial of the product for 30 days to see if it suits, but we can't move you back to the Pro option (it quite literally was that limited edition, it's never been a selectable option).
I can however arrange for the appropriate traffic management profile from a choice of Business Options 1/2/3 for you. Billing failures, anything related to over usage will trip it back to normal, though we will obviously move you back manually after a period or on request.
Let us know if you wish to try this, by either raising a ticket referencing this forum post, or replying (though ticket is preferred, as I am not here as many as some others).