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Re: PlusNet Fibre broardband is so bad.

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Re: PlusNet Fibre broardband is so bad.

my Plusnet fibre is rubbish,

I signed up for the 75mb business fibre broadband and called them before signing up to it 

and asked if I was able to get that speed they guy on the phone said I was definitely able to get that speed

so signed up and  first of all, they moved my activation date and didn't  tell me until a week later and then it didn't even activate 

so I called them and they activated it, then I ran a speed test to see if I got the speed I paid for and NOPE I didn't get that speed the speed was 24mbps DOWN and 3 UP I've paid for 75mbps so I called them and they said i could only get up to 30mbps at my property !!


but at least my kids can stop asking me when the internet will work


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Re: PlusNet Fibre broardband is so bad.

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Re: PlusNet Fibre broardband is so bad.


What result do you get if you put your phone number in here?

Hopefully this is a problem that can be solved and you have been given duff information by the agent you spoke to.

If push comes to shove Plusnet will release you from your contract penalty free if they can't provide the minimum guaranteed speed quoted in the email you received when the contract was set up.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: PlusNet Fibre broardband is so bad.

Hi there.

From what I can see the estimates of your line are between 32.9mbps to 48.4mbps so it's unlikely you'd achieve anywhere near 75mbps. However as your router is in sync below expectations at 26.8mbps I'd recommend trying the troubleshooting steps Here and if your speed doesn't increase please raise a fault to us Here.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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