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Question 103254824

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Question 103254824

I raised this to try and help with a peering request another ISP raised with Plusnet's NOC on my behalf (I use the other provider for co-location services)
However the answers from support have been less than satisfactory, it seems to demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge on how the internet works and how interconnections between ISP's are achieved either that or support have completely misunderstood the request  Undecided
I'm really hoping it's the latter as I'd expect the Business support team to be clued up on the basics of IP networking and exactly how the internet works given their customers are likely to have much more complex set-ups than most residential customers.
Either way the other ISP got back to me and confirmed plusnet have agreed to peer with them over LINX rather than route to them via transit (Which is usually actually more expensive for both parties).
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Re: Question 103254824

Sorry for the lack of response here, glad to see it's arranged for you though.
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