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Packet priority tagging.

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Packet priority tagging.

Just a quick question - on the top Business Tarrif (the £34.99 a month one), am I right in thinking all packets should be tagged as Gold (0x80) or above?  The various pages on PN's website seem to indicate this should be the case.
I'm seeing quite a few tagged as 0x20 (P2P is one of them, not that I use that much, and one or two others).
I've raised a ticket about this but the reply just directed me to which only seems to mention dropped packets, not incorrectly tagged ones.
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Re: Packet priority tagging.

Hi Andy,
All business protocols (VoIP, Email, Web, etc) are treated as gold or above, howver there are some types that are given a lower priority, namely P2P and Binary Usenet.