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One for PN: broadband and phone for charity

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One for PN: broadband and phone for charity

For the past seven months or so I've been working for a very small charity, and during that time we've been relying on someone else's WiFi (with permission!) and a tethered mobile phone to get access to the internet when we need it. However, we're increasingly finding that we need a better/faster/more reliable internet connection, so we've decided we're going to plump for a new phone line and broadband installation.
Which is where Plusnet could, potentially, come in. It's currently my job to get quotes from and make a recommendation for which ISP we choose to use. And despite the fact that I have found Plusnet very annoying in the past as a personal user (thanks to my various well-documented issues…), there're still some things I like about the ISP and the products offered. Granted, if we had lots of money I'd probably just recommend Andrews & Arnold and be done with it, but of course we don't, so I think there's possibly an opportunity here for Plusnet to make themselves useful!
But, I'm in a quandary. As I understand it from past discussions, Plusnet don't mind if charities use either residential or business products. The difficulty, therefore, is deciding which to choose. My current inclination is towards the business products, probably Option 1 to start off with and then we'll upgrade as our needs expand. However, I note that there is no option for a 1-month contract on business products… which, after my prior experiences with Plusnet, is unfortunately a deal-breaker. So then I think about the residential products instead – maybe something like Value with Pro – but I'd be concerned about making the archive rely on Plusnet's consumer support (which I've had a number of unsatisfactory experiences with; I'm presuming that the dedicated business support would be somewhat better).
So is there anything Plusnet would be able to do for us? Essentially what I'm looking for is Business Option 1 on a one-month contract (on the understanding that we'd have to pay for activation), preferably without a contract-related price increase as we wouldn't need the extra features like VoIP minutes, static IPs, or a free router. I know it does sound like Value with Pro would therefore suit us better but, as discussed earlier, I think if we go with Plusnet it'll only be if we have business support.
Also, regarding the phone line. We have a phone line installed and used by the previous occupants, but which is now lying dormant with no dial tone. How much would we therefore need to pay to reactivate this line?
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Re: One for PN: broadband and phone for charity

@ Be3G
We are constantly looking for ways to improve the Business services offering, and certainly 1 month contracts are one of the more frequently requested options. Unfortunately, right now there is no way to have a 1 month contract on Business, so signing up to Plusnet Business would mean a minimum of 12 month commitment.
Appreciate that it's a difficult situation - I do read these forums a lot, I just don't talk much on them! I'll PM you with a couple of thoughts.