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Multiple business connections possible?

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Multiple business connections possible?

Currently have two phone lines to the office (one used for the alarm system and phone calls), the other for broadband (and fax - still a requirement).


I've moved the first line to Plusnet (had to take ADSL broadband, but not using it) and am trying to move the second one. Seems like it's not possible to do this online - if I try, then the website simply bounces back to the modify my account section.


Is there a simple way of doing this ?

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Re: Multiple business connections possible?

Hi there,

This is possible but you'd need a second account as we can't provide more than one line on one account unfortunately.

I'd recommend signing up through our business package Here telling us the full address as normal and the phone number associated with the second line and we'll be happy to take it over. Smiley

Let us know if there are any issues. 

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