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Modem question

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Modem question

Hello eveyone

new plusnet member here - Business Fibre Broadband, I haven't recieved the hardware yet, but I have a small question.

I would like to use a business grade VPN router (still haven't decided which one exactly possibly cisco) which will then be devided into subnetworks for work, home and lab/practice use I will be assigning this router a Static IP.


I will need a modem for the connection, but is there a way to disable the plusnet one port forwarding and DNS settings -  would like it to act just as a modem, without any of the bells and whistles, and have my cisco take care of the rest.

I don't mind purchasing something else that would be more suitable, I just don't have good knowledge on modems, would be great if someone could direct me to the right place.


cheers people



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Re: Modem question

Welcome to the forum.

The Plusnet Hub One cannot be configured in modem only mode.

I guess your options are to get a business router with a built in modem or get a different modem. The Huawei HG612 model 3B works well. These are available very cheaply from Ebay.

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Re: Modem question

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Re: Modem question

I would recommend the Draytek Vigor 130 for around £80 new.  Mine has been very reliable and never drops my connection.

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Re: Modem question

I would say that the Huawei HG612 model 3B although quite an old design is cheaper and has a better VDSL chipset than the Draytek, however we all have different opinions and all lines have different characteristics. My Huawei only drops the connection when there are power cuts.Smiley

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Re: Modem question

Agree that the HG612 3B is a solid piece of kit. The downside is that it's no longer supported or available from suppliers. If I were using it in a business environment I would at least buy a couple for backup , they are cheap enough.
I used various Drayteks in both SME and home environments for over 10 years and never had any issues that could not be resolved quickly. They are rock solid and well supported, even my aged 2820 was getting firmware updates this year, which ironically was more recent than any of Plusnet's "business" offerings.
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Re: Modem question

Thank you very much guys I appreciate your help with this, and giving me various of options.


I will have to compare both against the plusnet one, and take it from there.

I'm automatically against anything that is 10+ years old, as there is always something somewhere ends up either incompatible or an option that is not available on older models.

is there such thing as a dumb-modem where all it does is "mod-dem" the signal (and accepts firmware updates) obvs.




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Re: Modem question


A recent discussion about modems use on a BT line (so same as Plusnet) can be found at,22462.0.html

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