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Line Installation Issues

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Registered: ‎12-08-2020

Line Installation Issues


We are a new Business Broadband customer, having signed up for FTC service on a new 24 month contract.

We are a non-profit organisation who rent a space from another business in order to house radio communication equipment that will be remotely operated via the new broadband connection.

There is an existing line to the premises belonging to our landlord which has an existing ADSL connection solely for their own use. Because of this, I requested a new line be installed for our use as we are not part of the landlord's business.

We were given an initial line installation date of 20/07/20, for which I attended site to liaise with Openreach.

Openreach arrived as expected and after an intial misunderstanding (they thought we taking over the landlord's exisiting line) and following explanation from myself, they set about installing the new line.

After approximately 1 hour, the Openreach engineer came to see me and explained that he needed to leave site to get some more drop wire as he didn't have enough on his van to span from the pole to the building.

Much later in the day he returned with his supervisor who explained that they could not do the job that day as the span from the pole to the premises was beyond the maximum permitted length and would drop in the middle below the regulation height.

I suggested that instead of running the drop wire from the pole all the way to the rear of the building where our room is located, that they could run it to the front of the building then clip it along the side to the rear. This would require an aerial span less than the existing landlord's line.

At this point there was a sharp intake of breath and the health and safety card was played, although I'm not sure on what grounds (I am a communication systems professional and was staggered by the amount of BS that was being spouted).

They left site saying that their surveyor would have to devise a plan for them to work to. There ended attempt #1.

Very late on Thursday 30/07/20, I received a txt message direct from Openreach saying that they would attend site on 04/08/20 between 0800 and 1300 to complete the installation. Despite this being only 2 working days notice I arranged to be on site as requested.

I remained on site until 1600 - 2 other persons were present who can verify this - but no one showed up.

I will state again at this point, we are a non-profit organisation, it is an unmanned site (most of the time), so I had to take a day off from my paid job to be there.

Since that day, I have not received a single update from either Plusnet or Openreach to explain what went wrong or how and when the situation will be resolved.

I am to say the least disappointed with progress so far.

I have so far raised 2 questions on the Help Assistant system requesting an update but am yet to receive any response.

The silence is deafening!

Some kind of update and idea of when we get our new line would be most appreciated.