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Jumping through hoops

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Jumping through hoops

Got a client who wants to "Queue Jump" to ADSL2.
I know that they can do this for £11.00 + VAT.
Get them to update their account details and add a credit card because past experience has shown that PlusNet are unable to do "one off" Direct Debits
Client updates their record, I call PlusNet to initiate the upgrade to be told that it is a manual Invoice process and that I will have to provide the last three digits of the security code on the back of the card.
What the hell is the point of having the information on your systems if you can't use it?
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Re: Jumping through hoops

The information can be stored without performing a transaction. The full card details are taken when they are added so that they can be validated (any incorrect details and a notice is displayed whilst adding them).
However we do not store the CVV2 (last three digits on the reverse of the card) in line with standard practice and security.
As such, any manual transactions will require the three digits on the reverse on each transaction taken by the support centre, as they are used only on that transaction.
This is standard practice amongst all sites were a card is processed as one-off transaction.