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God Awful Service - Bridge Mode

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God Awful Service - Bridge Mode

We've just started a Business Broadband service and the main reason for this service was to allow our Video conferncing solution access over the internet (supplier doen't recommend NAT), so I asked for a subnet which I've got a group of 8 addresses.
I've had a call loged with support since Tuesday asking how I put the Thomson 585 v8 router into Bridge mode but had nothing back, after looking all over the net I'm starting to regret ever going with Plus Net Business.
Has anyone got any experience of putting this router into bridge mode so I can get the address assigned?
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Re: God Awful Service - Bridge Mode

I've been through the same joys with setting up 8 static address No-Nat and a Thomson 585 on PlusNet. It took a little while, but we did get it working in conjunction with Plusnet.  The No-NAT is not so common for them.  It is possible to get this working. This is what we did in our case (after a lot of trial and error).
Wait for them to confirm the 8 addresses have been allocated. Sign into the 585 router, If I recollect properly the user Id is admin and the password is the modem serial number, but that should be detailed in your manual.
save your current profile.
From the menu click on Thompson Gateway, then click on configuration.
If you read through the text use should see an underlines url for "configuration wizard"
You need to use the Configuration Wizard on the Thomson 585
when the pop-up asks service selection - use Other
use PPPoA
On the router addressing page of the wizard pop-up The LAN addressing Scheme = Public Subnet using in range WAN IP
The IP Address of the Thomson Gateway is the second in your range of eight Static addresses
The "network address" is the first IP address of your static range
The subnet mask will be
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