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Emailed VAT invoices

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Re: Emailed VAT invoices

The strange thing is, PN email invoices (in pdf) to their Madasafish (their other consumer brand) customers, which they have done now for a number of years .
PN why has this not been implemented for PN customers?
Emailing Madasafish customer their invoices, was introduced by PN (if my memory is correct.), as this happened a few years after the BT buyout (July 2007)
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Re: Emailed VAT invoices

I would speculate that it is all down to the architecture of the billing systems - most likely written some 15+ years ago when PN was somewhat smaller.
There is a new billing system in the pipe-line...
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Re: Emailed VAT invoices

Hi all,

Has the new billing system that was being worked on in 2014/2015 gone live yet? I have just signed up for a new business broadband account after using a residential one for 5 years, and was hunting in vain for how to set up an email address for the VAT invoice to go to, then I came here.

Is this still not possible?

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Re: Emailed VAT invoices

The new billing system hasn't gone live yet.

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Re: Emailed VAT invoices

I think that as it hasn't gone live four years after Jake said it was in preparation, we can assume that it's not going to - at least not the one being worked on back in 2014.Roll eyes

I didn't change my own account for years just so I could stay on quarterly billing, so I only had to go through this ridiculous rigmarole 4 times a year, but after a problem last autumn, I was forced into an 'upgrade'. So now I have to laboriously process 12 invoices a year too.

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Re: Emailed VAT invoices

Plusnet offer a generally reliable broadband service of white-badged OpenReach services, but there are two primary reasons I no longer recommend Plusnet to my clients.

  1. Excessive wait times on the phone when there's a problem.
  2. Poor invoicing in relation to business accounts.

There have been promises to fix this, but they just don't materialise. I can only assume the shifting of costs to clients is official management policy.

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