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Concentrator not reachable

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Registered: ‎03-06-2016

Concentrator not reachable

This looks like entering the third week with no internet - and yes, its a business broadband connection.

Yes - I get DSL light on modem. No - I don't get any data - and the error is that it can't reach the concentrator.

Despite all the evidence that the line is fine (well better than fine actually - which is no surprise as the cabinet is practically just outside) with no errors and multiple visits from OR engineers - all of whom say the line is fine - I remain without internet.  Tried 3 OpenReach Modems and a motley collection of routers - including the plusnet one, a draytec (which now has the BT flag of approval) and a BT hub 3.  All say the same thing - or a variant - such as no authentication - or no reponse from server.  And yes - I know about putting the VLAN tag of 101 in place, I've spelt my username and password correctly- - and the keyboard does not have num lock on.  Every three days - it seems to be difficult to get anything to happen between one engineeer visit and the next - a new support specialist picks it up and looks at the sync - and thinks must be a fault at customer end and sends an engineer.  More likely to be a stuck ppp session - but what would I know.  Can't leave plusnet - because not long into a two year contract.  Seemingly can't stop them charging me either - even though I'm getting no service.  A month will be up soon at the rate we are going. Another Engineer coming Monday - and no doubt will repeat the same tests and say the line is perfect.  I'm sure with DSL on packets are getting through from the exchange - but clearly no packets are getting from router to servers/conentrators.  Can't help thinking it just needs someone to turn something off and on or reboot it and away it will go.  I keep asking what progress is being made by endlessly repeating engineer visits - but it seem to be "easy" option for the specialist. Obviously I will be trying to get out of the contract and move from plusnet as soon as possible - perhaps they think this a cheaper option than paying for someone to debug and fix the issue. Offered to buy another new modem/router (although the ones I have work fine on my home connection...) but apparently it would take up to a month to arrive!!!