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Business Support can't make outbound call?

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Business Support can't make outbound call?

Just rang regarding a possible connection issue one of our remote offices was having, and as I'm in the head office, I asked if support could ring the contact in the remote office and speak to them direct, and was told they can't make outbound calls, and my remote office would have to ring PlusNet. To do this, I had to hang up, speak to the person in the remote office and give them our username and password, as PlusNet would ask for characters from the password when the remote office rang them.
Seems a bit odd, as when I rang a few weeks ago for a similar thing, the person I spoke to at PlusNet was quite happy to ring our remote office and speak to the contact there.
Doesn't seem great when we're paying for all the extra Enhanced Care add-ons too.
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Re: Business Support can't make outbound call?

Hi Griff,
I have sent you  a PM regarding this issue, if you can respond with details that will allow me to find your account I will look into this for you.
Our staff  are able to make outbound calls but they should be giving a time scale for that, it may not be possible straight away and could be up to a few hours before they are able to make the call.
Any outbound call we make where the result could involve charges being made to an account we would expect to pass DPA with the caller.
Once I have the details to find the account in question I will be able to investigate this for you.