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Business Fibre Upgrade Pricing

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Business Fibre Upgrade Pricing

I've just had the good news that fibre broadband has become available on my line and logged into the portal to to a product change and got stopped in my tracks when I see that my monthly cost with line rental will be £52 (over my dead body), where as a new signup the monthly cost would be £42 (ouch, but possible) without the new customer discount, by shopping around I can find the same service from other business focused ISP's for as little as £36 a month.
There was a time when because of the level of support offered by plusnet I would have happily paid the extra, I've been with them for in excess of 12 years for my home connection, and have in the past used them for several other businesses, but my dealings with their support over the last year mean I now hold their support in the same regard as BT and the budget nasties like TalkTalk, offering support agents with no real technical knowledge, the inability to read the ticket history etc..
I'm guessing what I am asking is;
Is the product change route on the portal broken and not offering the correct price options?
Do plusnet not want to keep business customers?
Don't plusnet care about customer churn rates?
Surely it's better for the bottom line to keep and existing happy customer by treating them fairly, than have customers leave at the end of their initial contract term, because they feel like they've been treated as a cash cow, and then have to spend vast sums of money on additional advertising, introductory discounts and cashback offers to counteract churn.  I don't right now feel like plus net "have done me proud" or is offering "good honest broadband"
Looks like ill be sticking with standard broadband for the next 18 months until this contract is up, and then looking for the exit door, unless somebody from plusnet wants to make me an offer that will persuade me to upgrade to fibre and then stick around at the end of the contract.  If you want to charge premium prices then you're going to have to up your game and start offering a premium product.
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Re: Business Fibre Upgrade Pricing

Hi wrightsradio,
Sorry to hear of the problems you are experiencing from the portal.
I've flagged this to our Business Sales Team Manager who will be investigating for you. Pretty sure we can do something to help and a member of the sales team is likely to contact you directly.
If you have any issues, drop me a PM and I will do all I can for you.