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Business FTTC Trial

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Business FTTC Trial

One of my customers who currently is on the fttc business trial is asking when the trial will end and what the final product will look like. They are currently investigating cloud services and are concerned about the final upload speed offerings and costs.
Is there any info available on this yet as they do not want to sign up to cloud services if the 10Mb upload will be to costly
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Re: Business FTTC Trial

The trial itself does not have an official end date at present,  we don't expect an announcement within the 30 days on this so it's a case of the trial continuing for now.
In regards to the upload speeds the standard on the trial itself is 10mb and anyone currently on the trial will remain on this as standard if they choose to stay on the fibre service when products are officially launched,  for instance if the standard upload changes to 2mb and 10mb becomes chargeable anyone already on the trial will remain on 10mb as standard with no extra charge.  This includes whether they stay on the trial post launch or decide to change to one of the new products.
If for any reason the products launched do not suit a customers needs and they no longer wish to remain on the trial then we would cover any costs for a downgrade back to ADSL2+.