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Business FTTC 80/20 Trial

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Registered: ‎22-11-2007

Business FTTC 80/20 Trial

I have 2 accounts / locations on the standard 40/10 FTTC for Business trial. Is it possible to upgrade them to the 80/20 trial? I see mention of a trial is/was going ahead,100419.msg875238.html#msg875238
But I don't see it as an option on
Could someone advise? Thanks!
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Re: Business FTTC 80/20 Trial

Hi Inforr
All you'd need to do is ask a question (raise a support ticket) at (raising it under the business FTTC option is fine) on each account, requesting that the service be upgraded to 80/20 and confirming that you accept the additional terms and conditions here -
I recommend you check the estimated speed for each line here first - If the estimated speed for FTTC is less than 40/10 then there's not much point in us placing the regrade for you as there's not much chance of a speed improvement.
I hope this helps  Smiley