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Ask interleaving to be switched off, get email saying it will be switched on.

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Ask interleaving to be switched off, get email saying it will be switched on.

I am a new Plusnet Business customer and have had terrible customer service in my first few days.
On the 8th of February I asked for two things.
1) To investigate why on my previous o2 LLU connection, due to my proximity, and with AnnexM, I could sync at the maximum 2.5mbit, and why on Plusnet AnnexM service, I only got around 1.5mbit. Despite syncing around 21mbit downstream, I never saw anything about 11/12mbit on speed tests. I was not losing connection or having any kind of stability problem.
2) To turn off interleaving. I assumed it was on as what would normally get 9-11ms latency was now getting 23-25ms latency.
I had no response, so I adjusted some settings on my modem over the next few days, which was in bridge mode, and it now connects at 2mbit upload, which is not as good as with o2 LLU equipment, but it's acceptable. I'm also now downloading at 16/17mbit, which while not as good as the 18/19 I'd get on o2 LLU, is still something I'm just going to have to accept.
I updated my support ticket reflecting this, and again asked for interleaving to be switched off, and if possible to change the target SNR margin to 3dB. Something I'd had running fine for years on previous ISPs. I'd even had direct control over it with Be Unlimited and
Today, on the 12th, I get my first signs of life:
We have asked our wholesale broadband suppliers to turn interleaving on on your phone line to try and fix your current broadband problem.
Interleaving is a form of error correction that helps to improve the stability of high-speed broadband. One drawback of interleaving is that it can increase ping times, which may cause problems for online gamers.
We think that turning on interleaving may help with your connection problems. Interleaving usually takes 24 hours to turn on, but can take up to 5 days to take effect.
If you are still seeing problems with interleaving switched on please get back in touch with us. Thank you for your time and patience

How does this make any sense what-so-ever? It seems like my ticket wasn't even read, or someone who hasn't a clue what they're doing is dealing with it.
Not only was I not having any stability problems or disconnections, I even got back in touch two days before this email to tell them the speed issue was better, and just to turn OFF interleaving now.
I've replied to my support ticket, and the email I got, but it looks like to get Plusnet moving, or at least listening or reading, instead of skim reading, you need to ask in public.
This is terrible service for a business account.
I had better service at home, on a residential account on Be Unlimited. Far better service. Instant service, and with technicians actually paying attention to what you ask for.
I'm glad I paid the extra to be on a rolling monthly contract. With the shutting down of the o2 LLU equipment, ANY 21CN reseller is good enough for me, as long as they're competent.
Due to the nature of my business, I need interleaving switched off. Can I please have interleaving switched off. I understand the implications and potential pitfalls of this and I accept them.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Ask interleaving to be switched off, get email saying it will be switched on.

Hi fd3s,
I've replied to your post here,123643.msg1073736.html#msg1073736
I'll get one of the guys from the Business Support Team to get this sorted out for you ASAP.