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wish i had never went contract

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wish i had never went contract

in times before i was on a monthly contract with the plus add on. my speed was constant apart from the odd blip. However, over the last two weeks my speed had dipped from a constant 18.66 to 8 or less. I contacted PN last week to ask about this and was told that my snr was too low at 3 and they would raise it to 6. I was then told to leave it for four hours and reset my router. So this was done but no change occurred. I phoned the help line on July 11th to report this and explained that I use mty connection to play games, mostly on american servers and that my ping hed risen from 108ms to around 127/130ms. The response to play on British servers more. This  passed over my head at first and only after I finished my call I realised what he had said. not impressed! added to this waiting times have risen to around 30 mins to be answered. So during this call I was told it was being passed onto BT and I would be given an update in 72 hours. That would have taken me to Sunday and today (wednesday) there is still no update or improvement to my speed.
All in all I feel standards have dropped at PN towers, for what reasons I do not know. In the past I have been an advocate of PN here on the forums, but after this I would find it hard to do so. Maybe they are like other ISP's and have become a victim of their own success. As it is I can get the same level of service and CS at sky for free with my package, but prefer to stay here as I think PN will improve. I just hope they don't let me down.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: wish i had never went contract

Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience broaching this issue with support and that's affected your view of us.
I'm going to make sure this gets some attention today for you and I'm really sorry you've not heard anything back so far, one of us will be getting back to you with a more detailed update ASAP.

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 Plusnet Help Team