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wifi constantly dropping

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Registered: ‎04-05-2020

wifi constantly dropping

Since February my wifi has been dropping out constantly and I get the world symbol. If I connect to an ethernet cable, it works.
I rang Plusnet  and was told it was the SNR and I needed to move my router high up so that it would work better. I say it was no easy feat as it was connected by an ethernet cable to the Humax Box which was connected to the TV which made it smart and also recorded I also said the router had been in the same place for the last 5 years with nothing new being put there. It took me quite a while to move higher up and he called me back after half an hour to test it.

Everything seemed ok except for the occasional drop out which rectified itself. I will explain at this point I don't have fibre and my router does not have the option of changing Ghz.

Since the middle of last month the problem has got steadily worse. I have plugged into an ethernet cable to get into router admin and the wifi shows as enabled. Sometimes after the ethernet cable has been in for a while and I disconnect, the wifi signal comes up. So I rang plusnet again. I spoke to a girl this time who went through everything then she said it was my telephone socket so I said that had been renewed by Openreach last October and cost me £60 as I was having trouble then. I then had to remove front of socket and apply a splitter. She tested, still registering as dropping. I reset the router, no difference. She then asked if I had another tablet or something that connected to the internet and did it work. I said I had a smartphone which generally worked so she concluded it was my laptop and not them.  She did say however that she would look into it further.

I had laptop checked out and it was ok and worked fine on different wifi connection

I have since found out that an android phone can work on different ghz so could work and the laptop not work so it does seem a problem with the router.

Since then I have had 2 emails from plus net - one asking me to look at wireless on router and switch to 5 Ghz which they know I can't do.

The other on the 29th April possibly more helpful said they were asking suppliers to turn interleaving on which should help.

I seem to be having less problems however I am still getting the world symbol and occasionally having to use ethernet cable just to kick start it as it were. Some mornings it works first time. I switch off then turn on again later and the world symbol shows which corrected itself after 2 minutes to wifi. Sometimes I have to connect it to an Ethernet cable for a while before it works.

After all this time, messing about moving routers having to pay £60 for Openreach, buying a new phone, changing socket back to how it was, getting laptop checked out and paying for that etc. I am pretty fed up. I just hope the interleaving works now. I am not a gamer so that is not a problem.

Five days later and still having problems – will a new router with the option to change Ghz fix this