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whats up with the ticket system?

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whats up with the ticket system?

well ive bein trying get my snr target set back to 6db. done all the fault thing done the speed tests all of which is not much use for a snr problem then finaly got to the bit that asks u to turn all firewalls off hardware software did that waited for the tests to be done checked ticket questions to have the test failed and this may not be your problem it might be r systems.
so left a comment about the whole process of geting your snr set back to 6db and to find whats up with the test thing.
and guess what all replys to the ticket have seemed to have dried up this seems to happen to most of my tickets after ive replyed more than two times why is this u r quite good at replying to problems on here and to tickets but this happens all the time u just seem to stop replying to a ongoing ticket at a certain point.
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Re: whats up with the ticket system?

Hi scootie,
I've checked your line for you and you've currently got a downstream noise level of 51dB with an SNR of 15dB. I wouldn't recommend dropping this to 6 as it will almost certainly cause intermittent connections.
As for the ticket I've passed this through to the faults team with the DSL Status check results added so this should get picked up later on today.