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what is going on with plusnets broadband

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what is going on with plusnets broadband

im with plusnet broadband and up until wednesday night at about 9.30pm. i have been in contact with plusnet numerous occasions. my broadband download speed limit should be 21mb and the highest ive got it is when im not recording anything on my skybox or downloading a film on my laptop and that was about 16mbps. everytime im recording 2 programmes/films on my skybox then everything thats meant to use the internet doesnt seem to want to work, i cant get on facebook messenger on my samsung galaxy s5. i have reset absolutely everything laptop, phone, router, etc. im getting sick of it now as i would like to be able to record a programme or film or 2 and or download a film without everything that uses internet not working.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: what is going on with plusnets broadband

Hi there, are the shows usually HD? I ask as that means more bandwidth is used. Feel free to drop me a PM with your username too and I'll chase things up.

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 Adam Walker
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