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very low speeds - not a happy bunny

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Registered: ‎03-01-2011

very low speeds - not a happy bunny

Shocked  My broadband speed has been dropping over the last few weeks from around 3.3mb to now 1.08 mb and if  the decline continues I will soon have little or no service. I have read the self help guides, but unless you have some background in IT it doesn't help much. The email now also appears to have problems, just recently people contacting me are getting error messages and it seems that my original email address when I joined is now being used instead of the new one I set up. All very frustrating and does not live up to the TV ads. Tried to discuss the broadband issues with the telephone help and support but only woolly answers. What do I do, any suggestions gratefully received.
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Re: very low speeds - not a happy bunny

Hi smle0303,
I've just ran a line check and the thing I notice more is the SNR being 19dB This is rather high, so I'd be interested to know what is causing that. Could you try plugging your filter into the test socket so I can run some more tests?
Jojo Smiley