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sync speed suicide imminent

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sync speed suicide imminent

i wonder if anyone can help, my max connection used to run at 6mb plus without any problem, but i noticed that when gaming i was having connection issues and also slow gaming problems and noticed my sync speed was down at 5500 from at least 6500.
i have been through every test and have received every answer possible to my raised ticket and have now been told it is due to contention at the exchange, even though during the fault checkers it said it wasnt contested.
is there any way i can get the sync speed raised, as i have now upgraded my modem to adsl2 and changed the cable to high quality sheilded and also replaced the master socket with one with a built in filter to try and rule out any internal problems. all this was done before the tests.
i have been told that for my connection the speed isnt classed as a fault but the point i am trying to make is that it has reduced.
i have also had the subtle blackmail that i may be charged £170 by bt if they dont find a fault, or find it to be internal, and i thought i was paying bt for that line with my phone bill.
i have upgraded to plusnet pro but if this isnt resolved then i dont really see the point of paying the extra.
hope someone can put me straight, as i am obviously thinking that sync speed is down to the quality of the connection between my pc and the exchange, rather than the amount of people using it.
many thanks
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Re: sync speed suicide imminent

Thread locked in favour of your existing one here
Please don't raise multiple threads on the same topic, as it is possible you will get answers scattered between both threads.