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strange speed fault

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strange speed fault

ive been having the same fault for over two years

i have tried 3 routers  replaced my entire network on wireless moved my pc  closer to where to internet comes into my house  but nothing has fixed the problem

it all started when i did a speed test a few years ago  i noticed that  if the speedtest (at speed was 10 seconds long    for 9 seconds the speed of my internet  would be around 0.5 megs  on a 8 meg connection and right at the last moment  it  would shoot up to 50-60 meg or even gigs  sometimes , so its average would be around 7-8 megs
(but my internet felt like a 0.5 meg connection)
after contacting customer support  i was told it could be a problem with the distance from my computer to where it comes in to the house  as my internet is on a 15meter cable ,
so i spent best part of £50  on a wireless kit  for all my pc's and a extension cable to provide power  so i could put the router next to where  the modem came in
but nothing was fixed  in fact it was worse as two of my pc's count even get a signel  from the wireless 
so i move one pc into my hall  connected it  with a wire direct to a router  and the problem still existed  i swaped the router  and nothing changed

in the end i just  went back to wired on my long cable as it would have created a lot of problems with other pcs around my house
since then ive had a upgrade on my internet
right now my internet is ment to be 17 megs but my download speed on big files is only 300kbs -2 megs
if i run a test it still will be around 1-2 megs till the last second then ramp up  to 40 megs maybe more  and give me a average of 16-19 megs
also ive found the internet to be very slow and sluggish  even my very first  internet  at 0.5 megs was more snappy than what i have now
if i was to give a rating  i would say i am getting between 1-2 megs  and not 17 which it what i am ment to be getting

i also noticed when i downloaded guildwars 2 and  the secret world both files were 12-15 gigs  i would only get speeds of 200kbs-2 megs and never see  anything higher
i also have to wait for youtube vids to stream  as they will buffer i had to do that on a 0.5 meg  but i think it wasnt as bad as it is now

anyone with any idea what can fix this
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Re: strange speed fault

Hi zimboy69,
I've just had a check of the line and I can't see nothing obvious. I'd suggest raising a fault and we can take it from there.
Jojo Smiley