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start up internet opens on BT

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start up internet opens on BT

For the past 10 days when I start up my computer the internet loads, same time period as always, and I find that I am connected to BT. I have to change it over to Plus Net. My adaptor is an Asus 802.11ac and the signal  strength is good or excellent.. I see that the radio type is 802.11n. I am on PlusNet fibre optic. As I open up wireless  details I have seen ( just now) that I have 2 BT wireless connections nearby and I looked at their properties. It states for  them to connect automatically and I have deleted the tick in these boxes. It looks as though I may have solved the problem just on writing this email. Smiley
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Re: start up internet opens on BT

Hi Brainber123,
Yes stronger non preferred wifi networks can be a real pain.  Another thing you can do is to change the order of the wifi networks - put the PlusNET one at the top of the preference list.  Different versions of windows do this in slightly different ways.  Look for "manage wireless network".