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sorting traffic

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sorting traffic

My daughter is a uni student and shares a house with two french students. the landlord has put in a line and bb from plusnet. However i think is the value range and already they have had £20 of charges after only 2 weeks. this is concerning her as she does not stream in the house and is not there from thursday to monday, whilst the french students are there all the time. one in particular does not come out of his room and it is he they suspect is using the allowance up. apart from persuading the landlord to up the package for which they already have paid upfront for is there any way for pn to give information to the landlord what is being streamed and what sites. it is in his name so he has the authority.
any thoughts please
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Re: sorting traffic

Tell the landlord to set the extra spend to zero and offer to pay the additional £5 to go up to the Extra product
Note that he can change products every month so it isn't a permanent tie in