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slower than expected

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slower than expected

I should be getting according to my plusnet (Unlimited Fibre Extra) account; Estimated download speed: 54 - 61Mbps.

I am currently getting 16mps.


My wife & I both work from home, it is difficult at times and frustrating to not get anywhere near the speed we should get.



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Re: slower than expected

Welcome to the forums @timandjen2010 

It sounds very much like you have a problem - most likely not in your home/office environment, but more likely in the BT/OR network.

First thing to check: Is your phoneline clear? Dial 17070 (preferably from a corded phone), select option 2. Once your phone number is confirmed, there should be silence on the line except for the regular 'Quiet Line Test' message - any other noise, report a PHONE problem via:

If the phone test passes, report a broadband problem via:

Let us know the result - if the tests come back as clear but you still have a problem, we need to investigate further.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: slower than expected

Hiya @timandjen2010


I'm sorry you are having an issue with your speed and for the hassle this will be causing you. 


I have run a test on the line and the speed is showing as within estimates from our side and no faults are appearing on the line. 


Can I just check the speed test you run, was that on a wired or wireless connection?


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