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slow loading

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slow loading

Hi all,  have PN  started to throttle game sites more lately.  we often use King games and the site has become really slow to load over the last few weeks. As far as i know there is no problem with the site so was wondering if it could be PN throttling our connection. 

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: slow loading

Sorry to hear you're having speed issues.

We don't throttle your speed. Whilst testing your line isn't identifying a definitive cause of the issue, the SNR margin is pretty low, the target set at 3db by the Dynamic Line Management (DLM) in the exchange.

This means that your line is pushing as much speed to you as it possibly can, which can be a good thing, but sometimes it can cause the connection to essentially trip over itself, which results in a slow throughput (or, download speed).


Can you let us know how you get on over the next 24 hours?



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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team