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should i stay or should i go??

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should i stay or should i go??

hi ive been with plusnet for 10 days now,ive got problem with broadband speed as stated in my other post,nothing been done they just flag me off with any excuse,ive ran speed tests last 4 days and im averaging 42-52kb/s download which is really poor,they say there doing tests on my line,surely it doesnt take nearly 10 days to run a test does it? i asked if they contacted bt about the problem and they said no where still running test,i use to work for talk talk and when i dealt with a fault it would only take 48 hours,we would first try changing settings for the customer if no improvement i would contact there local exchange for them to look at,i dont know how plusnet work,with me been a new customer you would of thought i was priority,im thinking of leaving plusnet before my 14day cooling off period ends,im really fed up with them i just want reliable,simple broadband..what do you people think i should do? has anyone experienced same problems please leave comments thanks.
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Re: should i stay or should i go??

There is a 10 day training period for new customers where the exchange equipment tests the condition of your line and decides the optimum sync speed.
As a separate issue, as you already have a thread started on this same subject here I am locking this one as multiple threads can confuse the issue and lessen your chances of a resolution.

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