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router issues

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Registered: ‎22-10-2007

router issues

Ive been with Plusnet just over a week and im delighted with the connection and the service you give. However, i have a nagging issue with my router.
I have a Voyager 210 ADSL Router
-buttons going from left to right.
-Power, DSL, Internet, Ethernet, USB
All the buttons will be green apart from Ethernet which i dont use. Then the Internet green light will go off and my connection to the internet will be lost although the others remain on. This is a quite annoying as losing your score while online gaming is frustrating. The Router does seem to be fine when i unplug and start it up again. Any thoughts?
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Re: router issues

Hi there,
This suggests that your router is losing synchronisation with the BT exchange.  I'd initially try the following:
- Try using a different microfilter
- Ensure that you connected to the BT master socket via a filter
- Try unscrewing the faceplate from your master socket and inserting the filter into the test socket
- Try borrowing a friends modem or router if possible
Let us know how you get on Smiley