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renewing broadband contract without landline

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renewing broadband contract without landline


Our contract Broadband  "Unlimited Fibre Extra", including a phone line,  is coming to an end in a few days.

I have seen an offer for a renewal  "Fibre" , with the same estimated download speed, while with "No phone line included".

I wonder whether this new contract would require

- new cables to be installed into the property, 

- a new modem


We are also moving to an other property in about 6 weeks, and knowing whether a new cable is needed, will help decide.

I could not get through the phone, therefore I am writing here. 

Can anyone assist with the above questions ?


Thanks Smiley


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Re: renewing broadband contract without landline


@mcacciagrano  The confusingly named "Fibre" is exactly the same as your existing Fibre Extra but with no phone service. Same cables, same modem/router or upgrade to a Hub2 if you haven't got one. It is technically Openreach's SOGEA service.

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Re: renewing broadband contract without landline

If you are moving soon I'd check exactly what is available at your new address before ordering anything. For example, there may be an option for FTTP with an altnet there, but no similar option with Plusnet - and you wouldn't want to be locked into a long contract in that situation.

It may be worth he out-of-contact price for a month or two in order to get the best long term deal when you have moved.