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"Other" broadband usage

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"Other" broadband usage


My 83 year old mother is also a plusnet broadband/ phone customer as I am. Last month her " other" broad band usage massively increased. She has a 10GB monthly allowance limit and this was in danger of being exceeded before the month was up. The "other" usage was approaching 50% of her total usageHer average monthly usage has previously been around 5GB, mainly web browsing with a tiny amount of streaming, nothing else.

There is only one device in her house which is connected to the internet which is an Apple i pad. Suspecting this be the culprit I completely switched this off for 3 days( my mother was leaving this in sleep mode) and hey presto the total usage was next to nothing.

My question is why or what would be causing her i pad to be using so much " other" usage?



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Re: "Other" broadband usage

Hi there.

I'm sorry to hear your mother is seeing unexpected high usage.

If she just has an iPad and you've ruled that out, it sounds like someone may be using her wireless connection without her knowledge perhaps.

I'd recommend changing the wireless password in the router settings which should kick all WiFi devices off the home network, and force them to reconnect with a new password of your choosing. If she's using a Plusnet router, our router guides here should help with that.

Also if you can PM me her username I'll be happy to look into this further.



Please disregard most of that, I misread your post. Sad

It's possible that her iPad is automatically downloading updates for apps, or possibly uploading any photos to the Apple iCloud. It may be worth checking that next.

Let us know how this goes.

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Re: "Other" broadband usage

I have a couple of IPads and they constantly do their own thing overnight. One option is to ring Plusnet and see what sort of unlimited deal they will do for a new contract. If you select the I’m Thinking of Leaving option and quote the lowest price currently on offer by othe ISPs there might be little difference in price.  You will need your mother present to confirm any new deal.

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