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problem with gateway ptw-ag02 ?

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problem with gateway ptw-ag02 ?

I have just jumped on to this gateway and the speed is shocking, usually get a ping of around 59ms and speed of about 6.2mb

bt speed test attached
i switched gateway as the last one i was on i was only getting around 67ms ping and 4mb
Edit : now on gateway gateway ptn-ag03.

Still just over 1mb down on speed what i usually get, could this be down to the network been out of balance due to outage at weekend?
Edit 2: Jumped getaway again gateway pcl-ag02 , run a few more speed tests and the max i can get is 5.2mb

Plusnet Alumni (retired) chrispurvey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: problem with gateway ptw-ag02 ?

We're not aware of any issues at the moment, I'll flag this up though.
I can't currently check over your line as there's a few issues with the system we use for testing.