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plusnet doesnt care about you

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plusnet doesnt care about you

After asking for an early broadband activation after two months of waiting I was told the 23rd would be when It will get activated .
Without explanation this has now been moved to 26th September .
Disapointment .
Doesn't plusnet care about geting their cosumers online asap ?
Do I cancel the contract and go with virgin media without ever getting the chance(after two months ) to go online ?
Is plusnet more bad than virgin media ?
Does it really take months to activate broadband ?
Plusnet doesn't care
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Re: plusnet doesnt care about you

In one of your other threads you were advised that PlusNET are awaiting completion of your installation by BTOR which is scheduled for Monday 22nd Sept.  There is nothing in that thread which explains why BTOR are taking so long - one can only guess at what might be the causes (new build installation exchange capacity...), none of which will be under PlusNet's direct control.