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packet loss 3rd hop

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packet loss 3rd hop

im troubleshooting my connection to eve online (rubberbanding issue) and doing a trace using WinMTR 0.8 i found i get 2 no responses from hop 2 and 7 which im guessing are gateways that dont respond to pings (eve server is hop 8 )


but getting 83% packet loss from hop number 3


what is this hop and could this be causing my rubberbanding issue in eve online ?


average ping times look good at around 25ms

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Re: packet loss 3rd hop

Is the packet loss showing at the end of the trace? If not, then you can disregard it during hops on the trace.


Can you provide the full trace?

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Re: packet loss 3rd hop

Hi @alanalpha,


Your connection is absolutely fine after testing it from this line.


If you could please provide the full trace so we can have a look.

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