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no connection for Christmas

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no connection for Christmas

My router stopped working last night, and still doesn't work. Nor my phone. If I unplug the router from the splitter, the phone works. Tried ringing support - gave up after 3 x 30 minutes holding sessions.

Went to Argos and bought new router. The DSL doesn't come on. So maybe nothing wrong with original PlusNet router?


I am no techy and now have niece and nephew round tomorrow with no internet to use. Any ideas on what is wrong?

Thanks for your help



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Re: no connection for Christmas

Did you use a new splitter with the new router?

Just trying to rule out a faulty splitter.

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Re: no connection for Christmas

you can try plugging your router directly into the master socket

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Re: no connection for Christmas

It's either a faulty splitter or a line fault.

The fact that your phone works doesn't mean there isn't a line fault for broadband purposes.

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Re: no connection for Christmas


Hi welcome to the forums - sorry to hear of your woes.  Splitter or phone fault - YOU are going to need to determine which before proceeding.  If BT gets called in to look at a "line fault" and it turns out tips be a splitter fault you will end up with a bill for the engineer's visit.


How did you make out with the test at the test socket advice given above?

If you plug a phone direct to the test socket do you get a clear dial tone?

Please perform a quiet line test - dial 17070 select option 2 using a corded phone plugged into the test socket behind the face plate of the master socket. It should be silent. A noisy phone line (or no dial tone) will have a marked adverse impact on the performance of broadband.

If the line is noisy or there is no dial tone, then a PHONE LINE fault needs to be raised with your phone provider. If this is PlusNet, you can report a fault on line using the button below.


What knind of socket is the master socket?  See the speed issues thread for help here.

Have you changed any phone wiring?  Plugged a new device onto the phone line (e.g. A Sky box)?

As asked above, did you use the new splitter which came with the new router with the old router?  Did DSL (or sync) light on the new router turn green / steady?  It is possible that the new router sync'd OK but has not got your account details configured so cannot actually connect to PlusNET.