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no broadband speed

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no broadband speed

my broadband has ground to a halt the ip profile is at around 2mbs but  my speed is 0.08 at best been told that the snr has been changed and my speed should increase this was 2 days ago
to the best of my knowledge if there was a line fault then dynamic line management would have been used and my ip profile would have been lowered as this has not happend then i assume there must be a throughput issue at the exchange or maybe a a bandwidth limit from bt wholesale "had this with sky"
how can i get this fixed i have phoned plusnet and get told to wait and see if it increase now iam told to wait for fault team 72 hours
its just not good enough plusnet cut my broadband over xmas when i changed provider told me it would be seamless then slow for a week untill profile came up then there was a socalled glitch and my profile dropped like a rock  now this all in under a month
please help me get some internet for more than a week
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Re: no broadband speed

Check your Current Line speed (Login required). This should update to match your current IP Profile. So if you've had a low sync event due to an intermittent line fault, the setting may be low and not have updated to the current value. DLM doesn't change your profile directly, that is solely determined by your current sync speed. What DLM may do if it sees too many errors or drops in connection, is raise the Target SNRM which results in a slower speed (and a lower consequential profile) but this won't revert immediately. From what you've said, it sounds like Plusnet may have done an SNR Reset which puts things back to default values, but if there's an outstanding fault DLM, can act again which it may have done previously.
If you are on a 21CN connection profile changes happen immediately with a change in sync speed, but if you are on a 20CN connection, drops in profile are immediate but uplifts can take several days.
Do you have any audible noise on your line when using the phone? Use the Quiet Line Test 17070 option 2 if need be.
If you can post the xDSL stats (copy & paste) from your modem/router, that'll help indicate the current state of affairs.