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new Fibre speed - same woes

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new Fibre speed - same woes

Hi All.  I have recently made the jump from BT Infinity to plusnet.  I was hoping by switching I could resolve the previous issues I was having with my Infinity service. But the problem seems to remain.
I had Infinity for over 18mths and during this time I saw a drop over a long time in the my speed.  I was originally advised i would get 55Mb's which soon decreased to 51Mb's it then started to slowly drop to a level of around 38 down and 12-15 up.  Now I straight away assumed I was on the wrong profile but I was getting a higher upload than the theoretical maximum on a 40-10 service.  So asked BT if they could investigate.  After 2 engineer visits and despite  them continually telling me I should be getting 51Mb's they don't know why I was getting the slower speed and therefore I decided to drop down to the 40-10 service.  After BT advised me that this would mean a new 18mth contract i told them where to go hence my switch to Plusnet.
Plusnet advised speeds of 50-55 but after just a few weeks I'm back getting 35-38.  Can any one advise here what the issue could be.  One thing I have noticed I done a check  on BT Infinity website yesterday and my estimated speed for my line had jumped to 67down and 20 up.Huh??  Has there been a boost by Openreach and will I see this on plusnet.  Cry
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: new Fibre speed - same woes

Hi there sorry to hear about the drop in speeds you've experienced.
I'm unable to see an obvious cause for this so I'd advise raising a fault:
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team