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networking using thomson technicolor

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networking using thomson technicolor

Hi there,
I want to have a home network via the router which will allow me to 1) access the internet on both connected computers and 2) allow me to share files between the two computers WITHOUT using the silly Windows HomeGroup thing. At present, I have my laptop appearing in the 'Computer' section of  the NETWORK pane, but not my PC. I have tried absolutely everything, from the 'netsh' thing in the command prompt, all network sharing options are turned on and password sharing off on both computers. I'm beginning to think it's a router problem, therefore, rather than a computer one. Are there any settings in the router that I should look out for to make sure that both my laptop and PC are visible on the network map?
Also, when I run the network troubleshooter, it says that network protocols are missing, but this happens every time I turn the computer on and getting Windows to rectify it does not help. I know it's a Windows 10 common fault, apparently, but rectifying it has not helped .
I'm on Windows 10 and have the Plusnet Mcafee installed.
I have had it working in the past but it's intermittent. I've tried absolutely every tip out there and nothing works, so just came here to see if there were any problems with my router setup.
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Re: networking using thomson technicolor

If that is a 582n  then if  you log into the router you can see what is connected to it. IIRC it also retains the info for each device in indicates if it is connected or not.
I have allsorts connected to mine but they are win7 wired and wifi    or win xp (wifi)  Win7 (lite) on wifi  but I do use Windows homegroup.
The router also has the details of tablets and phones. when connected..
EDIT  Interestingly (well to me) when I  open "computer"  win key and E  the homegroup icon when clicked says no homegroup computers are connected
BUT scrolling down to "Network" they are all there.