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moving network from Sky

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moving network from Sky

I've just got my TG582n router through the post and am waiting for
my broadband to be ready.
I'm currently with sky and my router has IP
Wireless is switched off on the sky router as its not very good.
My network has a few extra devices as well as the usual pc/phone etc: a NAS,
a wireless access point, a wireless "bridge" and a dd-wrt
router on a different subnet. I set up some of these with static IPs
I have a "DMZ server" set on the sky router in WAN setup as
and then ethernet cable from sky router to WAN port on the dd-wrt router.
The dd-wrt has static IP of, gateway is and it's
internal IP is
I've noticed the plusnet one defaults to so I'm wondering how best
to replace my sky router with minimum pain ? :-)
The plusnet router has a sticker saying not to set it up before the "broadband's ready"
Can I just ignore this, connect it to my PC and change it's IP to that of the sky router
i.e. change it from to
Then when the time comes just "hot swap" it with the sky router and everything will be fine ?
I don't want to void any warranty or fall fowl of terms and conditions!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: moving network from Sky

As long as you don't connect it to your master socket you should be fine.
Turn it off after your done with the changes then when your order completes set it up and you should have no issues.
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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team