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loss of broadband connection

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loss of broadband connection

since7.30ish this evening i've lost broadband connection. Wireless system looks ok, is there a service issue that hasn't been posted on service homepage yet?
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Re: loss of broadband connection

only this one
Broadband Network Balancing - Tuesday 23rd June 5.00pm-7.00pm
Posted on: Tuesday 23 June 2009, 16:41
What does it affect?
Broadband Connectivity.
How long will it take?
Up to an hour.
What does the work involve?
We will be undertaking a period of load balancing which will involve briefly disconnecting a number of broadband customers from the Internet. This is being done to balance the network following the recent problems that we've experienced with one of our edge routers (pcl-ag03). These problems have been causing performance issues for some broadband customers during peak times.
Is it likely to cause problems?
Some broadband customers will be briefly disconnected from the Internet at some point during the maintenance window. These customers will be able to reconnect immediately.
Is there anything else I need to know?
Any customers having problems connecting once the maintenance is complete are advised to switch off their equipment for 30 minutes before attempting to reconnect.
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Bob Pullen
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